Premier Hypnosis, LLC


Premier Hypnosis is pleased to now offer this community highly qualified, professional, and certified consulting hypnotists to meet their needs. From the ages of 5 through 95, hypnosis is useful and effective and can make a difference in our clients lives. In a positive, caring atmosphere we will assist you to meet your needs. Give us a call and expect success! You will be successful!

Premier Hypnosis, with its complement of CCH (Certified Consulting Hypnotists), is the most experienced hypnosis group in the Columbus, GA area. We have over 65 years of health care experience with more than one half of that time in Anesthesia. An anesthesia practice utilizes hypnosis on a daily basis. Remember, hypnosis is a state of being "focused and concentrating" on one thing; and I can guarantee that any patient presenting in a pre-operative holding area is definitely "focused and concentrating" on what is about to happen to them! So when the anesthesia personnel begin talking to the "already hypnotized" patient, everything they say, or suggest, is taken literally and believed. Therefore, even though our formal credentialing is relatively new, some of us have been practicing hypnosis for more than 30 years. Premier Hypnosis LLC will be open to the general public and for referrals from local physicians and dentists. This is the only practice in the area that will be open for appointments from several, highly qualified CCH. There will be two certified hypnotherapists located in the same office complex. Appointments will be made via one phone number, as needed, Monday - Saturday with varying hours. Some behaviors and attitudes can be modified or changed with only one session, so there is tremendous value for the fee.


What is Hypnosis?


What exactly is hypnosis anyway?  Well, to be very brief, it is simply a state of being focused and concentrating on one thing.  Clinical hypnosis is when a health care professional uses only words to help a patient make specific changes in their attitudes or behaviors.  It can help them reach their goals at work, in their personal lives, enhance their sports ability or their talents, and to have better health in general.  During hypnosis, positive words are spoken by the health care professional (your hypnotist) and your sub conscious mind hears and responds.

Premier Hypnosis was founded to help the communities of Columbus, Georgia, Phenix City, Alabama, and Fort Benning, Georgia help themselves.  All hypnosis is really self hypnosis.  We the professional staff of Premier Hypnosis, are here to guide and assist our clients look at a particular experience from a new perspective; to change a behavior or an attitude by using carefully chosen words.  No drugs,  no hocus pocus, and definitely no magic!  We look forward to serving our clients and being a part of this great community.

To Learn more or schedule an appointment, call us at (706) 566-7866

Premier Hypnosis is located at 1241 - G Double Churches Road Columbus, GA 31904 We are located at the intersection of Whitesville Road and Double Churches Road, right between "Kim's Kut 'N Kurls" and "Body and Sole Massage Therapy."